Why Joseph?




The oath he took when he joined the military rings true as he seeks to represent District 5 for the Public Regulations Commission.

With nearly two decades of experience operating a family business, specializing in high voltage electrical services, he strives to leverage his experience to benefit New Mexico residents.

Why is the PRC Important?
Whether you’re a firefighter, a farmer, veteran, or small business owner – the PRC impacts a wide variety of industries:

– Keeping the lights on:

Electricity – PRC helps determine what our electric bills look like each month

– Keeping the water running

PRC impacts our local sewer systems

– Heating our Homes

The PRC regulates our gas lines

– Picking you up if stranded or after an accident

The PRC manages our tow-truck systems throughout the state

– Keeping our communities safe

The PRC manages our ambulance and local fire services

Joseph’s Commitment to District 5 Constituents

Ethics in New Mexico Utilities

As your PRC Commissioner, I will:

– Demand accountability from providers that deliver essential services to New Mexico residents, including utilities, pipelines, commercial transportation, and those industries that help ensure public safety

– Provide fairness for hard-working New Mexico residents who depend on vital industries – keeping the cost down to keep the lights on

– Ensure I am accessible to constituents so the residents of PRC District 5 have a voice regarding the decisions that impact their daily lives.